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Tire Shop

.  In the center of the room there will be a workbench.  Within that workbench will be a winch capable of tremendous force.  The winch will be connected to a few hundred tires via synthetic cable.  When the show opens the winch will begin to slowly pull the tires into itself. The speed will be extremely slow somewhere around an inch an day.  The shop at the opening will be reasonably organized place with tires on racks and objects in their respective places.  In the first few days the action of the winch will bring disorder to the room with tires falling from their racks and object pulled from their natural places.  As the piece progresses the tires and other objects will begin to come into contact with one another.  Like molecules combining the tires will find a physical solution to the forces applied.  A new and unimagined form will grow on the work bench.  This form will continue to move and rearrange itself until ultimately the cables begin give out and the tires slowly fall back into disarray.

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