Million Dollar Walk

One million dollars was put into a briefcase. Guests at The Armory Show where allowed to check the money out.  They where allowed to walk around the show and feel what it is like to be a millionaire for 10 minutes. 

Participants where required to sign a check out form and leave their fingerprint and ID. 

Art is increasing connected with wealth. Art fairs specifically are a point where money and art intersect. The Armory Show and the galleries that participate cater to the wealthy collector. The average art viewer is invited to come to the show but often feels of secondary importance. This piece turns the average viewer into a millionaire. 

The Million Dollar walk is also about or collective belief in art and money. We take for granted the value of the paper money we print. The specific images and symbols printed on the paper equate to large sums of human time and effort.  The Armory show is a market where we exchange the money for art work.  The art works themselves often are collections of symbols and images on paper or other mediums.  The patrons of the show are invited to evaluate the worth of the symbols and images on display and can negotiate their exchange for money determining their worth in our society. This piece focuses on the money itself making the movement of money, the art object as well and the means of exchange. 


The piece was made with the support of: 

Duke Riley who made the Ledger.

EXOvault who loaned the money. 

Keith Sirchio who provided security and documentation.

Lance Mankowski who fabricated the briefcase.

Pierogi Gallery who provided the booth at the Armory Show.

Kevin and Jenifer McCoy for originally showing the piece in No Customs 2010



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