Imagine a large party maybe around one hundred guests.  Within that space you will most likely will start a conversation with one or two other individuals, as the night progresses you will naturally be drawn from one conversation to another. You will know how your conversation flow and the direction your thoughts take and your memory will reflect the specific path you take. Within the party as a whole there are a hundred similar but separate paths. Each of these paths in unique and specific but shares a common background and influence that is the party you are in.  A thought you present in the beginning of the party might take on a life of its own and precipitate through a hundred separate conversations without your knowledge. The specifics of all the paths and how they intertwine and effect each other has been heretofore ultimately unknowable. The goal of my proposal it to know the whole party. To be able to understand the interactions of every conversation what ideas are present and how they live beyond the individuals that make them up.


To make this happen I propose a system of sensors mostly made of microphones that will record as absolutely as possible every sound in the room. I will also find a way to record the position of every person in the room and their interactions. 


After the event takes place I will go through the documentation and have transcribed every conversation in the room specific to every attendee of the party. So that every persons conversation is a separate complete transcript. The data will also be analyzed for other information that might not be suspected at this point.


The piece might be shown as a multi-channel video installation with a main screen showing the unintelligible chaos of the party with sound. Other screens would decipher the chaos into transcripts and data visualizations of the event, allowing the viewer to see into the inner workings of the party with a clarity and depth that is impossible at the event.